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Venture Builder is the 'one-stop shop' for all venture needs.
You have an idea but don't know how to develop it to a product selling worldwide?
We will provide you with ...

Idea to product

Going from idea to product (the go-to-product phase) - creative, real, basic.
Does your journey end in this phase? Think about your vision, your goals, your passion, your skills, your team - think about how to build it up in a consistent and meaningful way.
We help come up with creative ideas, solve real problems and implement basic features.
You have an idea:

Product to traction

Going from product to traction (the go-to-market phase) - iterative, clear, at-the-money.
Does your journey end in this phase? 80% of all ventures get destroyed in this demanding and devastating phase - think about how to repeat the process to improve the probability of success.
We help iterate product features, communicate as clear as possible, sell your product asap.
You have a product:

Traction to scale

Going from traction to scale (the go-to-scale phase) - agile, competitive, strategic.
Does your journey end in this phase? Not all entrepreneurs bring the skills a manager comes with - think about how to use peoples resources in the most efficient way.
We help implement agile processes, raise money to be competitive and ask for strategic advice.
You have a business:

What we offer

Build teams, products and business.
All in a minimum viable fashion.


We develop Minimum Viable Teams (MVT). The MVT is the smallest team possible to achieve your purpose. A MVT is faced with the challenge of building a team with minimal people and cost. In some cases, the MVT is one person. That's ideal when the situation permits.
Development of MVT.
Development of incentive structures.
Takeover of strategic activities.
Project Logo

"Network Development to help teams thrive."


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We develop Minimum Viable Products (MVP). The MVP is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development. The MVP approach enables the much needed 'fast experimentation, fail fast and invest where needed' strategy.
Development of MVP.
Continuous iterative development.
Takeover of operational activities.
Project Logo

"Engineering Consulting to help products thrive."


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We develop Minimum Viable Business (MVB). The MVB is a business model with just enough elements to start as a small business with a minimum of money. The MVB approach forces expanding business to focus on money-making activities to consequently survive in the long term.
Development of MVB.
Evaluation of financing sources.
Takeover of operational activities
Project Logo

"Interim Management to help business thrive."


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How we help

Choose what works best for you and your team.
Please contact us before placing an order. Initial consultation is free.

Our world of technology (TVB)

Find resources to digitize your products, experience, and services you offer customers.

Our world of Services (SVB)

Find products and services that suit your needs, make a difference and fuel your business.
DOE /hour

Session includes:

  • One-On-One Strategy Advisory Session
  • Aim is to help spot or define problems
  • Online video-call
  • Price for 1 hour depending on experience
  • One-time payment
  • Guidance
  • Case
DOE /day

Guidance includes:

  • Ongoing Strategy Consulting Guidance
  • Aim is to help develop possible innovation areas
  • Online video-calls and/or chats
  • Price for 1 day per month depending on experience
  • Recurring monthly payments
  • Session
  • Case
TBN /case

Case includes:

  • Defined Strategy Case
  • Aim is to help create specific solutions to problems
  • In-person meetings, online video-calls and/or chats
  • Price per case to be negotiated
  • Advanced downpayment
  • Session
  • Guidance

Where we focus

Develop possible innovation areas.
Implement permanent innovation processes.


Strategic activities focus on identifying strategic objectives, key trends in society and technological development, to define future opportunities. After developing “possible innovation areas” to generate ideas, we help assess possibilities, develop benefit / risk models, and within the uncertainty of innovative development, focus on those ideas that can best achieve the strategic objectives.


Operative activities focus on building teams, finding capital, helping govern or manage processes and providing shared services to implement permanent innovation as a continuous process of innovation, a matter of strategy, method and habit. Adopting innovation as a core value allows to practice innovation with a proven methodology and produce innovations with consistent results.


Test ideas in the market.
Develop products and automate processes.
Reach target audience at scale, while measuring efficiency of campaigns.


business expertise

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business expertise
technical expertise

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business expertise
technical expertise
performance marketing

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Who we are

Trust in skilled, agile, technology driven talent.


We are building Teams, Products and Business Models - all in a minimum viable fashion. We understand the challenges: finding people, choosing technology, shipping a product. We prepare you for your first or next financing round so that you are able for distribution to users and scaling the business.

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We gather ideas, we setup structures and manage processes. We iterate. Our goal is to transfer ideas into innovations. To achieve this goal, we are aware that we constantly have to challenge all participants. Therefore we cooperate and learn from some of the worlds best project managers in their field.

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We understand technology - because we were educated in technology, we created and researched technology. Our network exists of what makes an economy prosper: curious people. People who are willing to go the extra mile. We are able to build and maintain complex systems, but focus on simplicity.

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Stay up to date

Stay up to date with recent patents, news and tweets.


Search, find and access over 130 million patent documents at


Get recent social news focusing on software programming and entrepreneurship. (15sec wait)


Get recent tweets (real-time) about digital transformation and startup ecosystem. (15sec wait)

Our world of news

Find recent news and information about weather, technology, business, politics and more.

Our world in data

Find research and data to educate and make progress against the world's largest problems.

Identify Trends

Identify recent trends in AI generated startup ideas, online searches and the fastest growing companies worldwide.


Identify recent trends in AI generated startup ideas, trained by people who liked or disliked ideas at


Identify recent trends in online searches (number of clicks) and growth (change in %) for the last month. (15sec wait)


Identify recent trends in the fastest growing companies in the world and discover innovative product features and business models. (15sec wait)

Digital Solutions

Identify tools to boost your growth and take advantage of the best ICT solutions to help grow your business.


Understand economics. Grow worldwide.



Sell fast. Build confidence.



Build know-how. Be competitive.



Engage in ecosystem. Transform organizations.


Find Investors

Find investors and increase your probability of success.


Find investors in Europe. Submit information details to be added to the list of investors.


Find investors worldwide. Submit information details to be added to the list of investors.


Find business angels. Submit information details to be added to the list of investors.

Profit from Research

Profit from applicable research and increase your competitiveness.


Find scientific and non-scientific researchers worldwide. Add researchers to the list to increase their visibility and engagement.


Fund scientific and non-scientific researchers worldwide. Contact Academia4Business to get help funding researchers.


Benefit from well-founded practical instructions and get innovative food for thought from current research to shape your entrepreneurial future.

Engage in community

Give feedback, join events and analyze activity.


Engage in community - give feedback.


Engage in community - join events.


Engage in community - analyze activity.

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